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First Ride

There’s a first time for everything, right? 

My first experience on an electric skateboard was thanks to my friend Kyle. He uses it to get around town more quickly and with some thrills. Now it was my turn. 

Cool thing about electric skateboards is that after a brief safety tour, you just get on and go! Like from a standing position with both feet on the board. Unlike a traditional skateboard, there’s no standing on one leg and pushing with the other. Because of that, it actually felt more stable and easier to pick up.

I took it easy at first, making sure I could cruise and stop nice and slowly when needed. Then I got to carving more like I was surfing and picking up the pace. Smiles and stoke is real. Ten miles per hour, as seen from the hand held controller, was plenty fast for my first ride and there was plenty more MPH to go.

How would it perform on hills? My neighborhood has some great hills and the board performed amazingly both up and down. Downhill, I could control the speed and actually stop at a stop sign, pretty cool. Uphill, it went fast and I felt like some kind of cyborg with motorized legs, I was hooked.

Did you ever have an RC (radio controlled) car as a kid? With the speed of an electric skateboard being controlled from a handheld controller, it felt like I was playing with an RC car that I got to ride!

With a rush of adrenaline, I decided to put the controller in Sport mode, kick up the speed just for a few seconds then bring it back down. The speed is much more than I need, at least for the first go ;)

Electric skateboards have brought a new stoke to getting around town and adding some excitement to my day. There’s a first time for everything and if you’re still reading, you’ve probably shared that same stoke already or will soon. 

Get on, go!